Maternity & Newborn

"For all the things my hands have held,
the best by far was you."




For full maternity sessions, I suggest two outfits. One more casual, and shows your bump, if you are comfortable with that. I love flowing fabric, so a lace bralette and a kimono is a favorite look. Jeans and a simple top are also a classic look.

I recommend arriving to your session in this outfit, if we are shooting at the beach. Jeans tend to be difficult to put on once your feet are wet and sandy. I also like the more elaborate outfit for peak golden hour, which is at the end of your session.

Examples of Outfit #1

Outfit Change

The second outfit to bring should be a bit more dramatic! I love long flowing dresses. Look for fabric that moves in the wind or the waves. You will change on-location, behind a beach towel.

Examples of Outfit #2

In-Home Newborn

While there is no perfect-time rules, I do like to shoot newborn within the first 14 days. Babies are still most sleepy and squishy in that first 2 weeks. Baby acne is almost always present, and not something to stress about. I fully retouch baby acne.

These sessions typically last 1.5-2 hours. If a longer session is required, past 2 hours, my rate is $300/30 minutes.

We take breaks as needed for Baby to feed or be changed. It makes a huge difference in the session when Mom is relaxed. You know how connected you are to Baby, and they can feel your stress. We are on Baby's timeline, and that is okay.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted for Coronavirus. I am up to date on flu and Tdap shots. Although this rarely happens, in the event I do feel like I am becoming sick, I will let you know as soon as possible so we can reschedule.

The majority of my newborn sessions take place at the family home. However, I do have studio spaces available for an additional fee.

For In-Home sessions, I typically like to shoot in the parents' bedroom and nursery. Sometimes there are other areas around the house that jump out to me- like a window seat, or a living room area. I do many combinations of people. You will get Mom/Baby, Mom/Dad/Baby, whole family, Baby/Siblings. These are all standard and included. If grandparents would like to stop by, I am happy to take some shots with them as well. Just keep in mind, that more family photos in the beginning may equal less time later for other poses, and babies tend to not last more than a couple hours for these sessions. If you have some specific 'must-have' shots beyond what I am mentioning here, please tell me right away so I can plan accordingly for your priorities.

If you have any special mementos (handmade blankets, special stuffed toy, baby bonnet), have those on-hand and I will try to work them in.

When preparing your home for your session, think about it as staging a set. You want to clear away as much clutter and distractions as possible. It's typical for parents to pile their things into the bathroom or in a corner across from the bed!

  • Open up the blinds and let as much light in as possible. While we are indoors, I still prefer to use natural light whenever possible.
  • Make your bed with a simple bedspread. A plain white duvet is always a good look.
  • Hide phone chargers and electrical cords around the bed.
  • Move all clutter from around the bed - books, tissue, water glasses, etc.

I like to start in the parents' bed with the whole family, as sometimes older siblings only have a shorter amount of patience for photos. I get those shots quickly first.

We start in the parents' bedroom:


Next stop is the nursery. This is the location for shots in the crib and in your nursery chair. I don't automatically assume you want nursing photos taken, but I would absolutely love to capture those for you. Just let me know if you would like that included.

Sometimes the nursery isn't complete yet, and that's okay. But if your nursery is ready, and gets good light, we will use it! Here are some examples of shots to expect.

Other Areas of the House

When I walk into your home, I will take a quick peek around and see if any other spots jump out to me.

Here are some examples of other spots around families' homes that we used.

Wrapping Up

The last part of your session is about solo-baby. I try to grab some detail shots of Baby's hands, feet, lips. We will take Baby down to their diaper, and I wrap Baby in a special wrap made just for photoshoots. I bring a lot of props and wraps with me. I will have a variety of wraps in different colors and patterns to choose from, so no need to bring anything unless you have a specific blanket you would like to incorportate. My signature move is putting Baby in my "magic basket." I have great success with calming Baby down and getting the solo shots I want with this vintage round basket. This will be set up on the floor of your home, or sometimes we go outside, if I see a part of your yard that I think will work well.

Here are some examples of both the detail shots and Magic Basket.


Mothers, dress comfortably. I think that a simple, comfortable loose sundress looks best. You will be snuggling on your bed, so consider that if you choose to wear jeans. Make sure they are comfortable to get into different sitting position. Neutrals are my favorite color palette.

Keep Baby's outfit very simple. I love a well-fitting, plain onesie, so we can see little leg wrinkles. Avoid anything with a pattern or ruffles. Outfits that are too big, we will be trying to pull Baby's hands out of the too-long sleeves.